Alarm Interface 3D Render

What is Low Cost Labs?

Low Cost Labs is my personal attempt to give back to the Maker Community.  With electronics being my hobby on a shoestring, I’ve found the need to produce tools that are flexible, accessible and overall, cheap!

As a supporter and benefactor of the great Open Source Hardware community out there, all Low Cost Labs tools will be produced with free to use tools (including Circuit Maker, Arduino, MPLAB) and all design files and source code will be made available.

And lastly, I’m also offering for sale completed tools to allow you to get making, faster.


ESP8266-01 Programming Jig

The ESP8266-01 is a great device.  It’s an embedded low cost web-server that’s taken the Maker World by storm.

This Programming Jig will help you get started without the need to mess around with bread boards.

Get Jiggy with it.

ESP8266-01 Programming Jig

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