ESP8266-01 Programming Jig


The Low Cost Labs ESP8266-01 programming jig facilitates serial programming of ESP8266-01 modules via USB to TTL-Serial interfaces.

Supplied with either a break out header for you to utilise your own USB-TTL adaptor, or use the optional PL2303 USB module, you can place the ESP8266-01 into programming mode by holding the program button, pressing and releasing the rest button and then releasing the programme button.

With headers P5 and P6 installed you can readily determine if your module is in programming mode if both GPIO LEDS are illuminated.

Header P2 allows PROGRAM to be held low to support Electrodragon ESP8266 firmware flasher.

Open source design, so you can use the design as is, or use it as a starting point for your own design.

Why?  Read about it here: The Build


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